1.12-channel microphone book + 4-channel stereo input, with 48V phantom power supply

2. Input high, middle and low levels of balance, and the middle frequency can be swept

3. Two auxiliary outputs, auxiliary AUX1 can select the pre-push and post-push signal, and auxiliary AUX2 is the post-push signal

4. Input each circuit with MAIN output, grouping SUB, monitoring PFL switch, convenient selection

5. In every road with signal indicator light, monitor PFL indicator light and peak indicator light

6. Built-in 24-bitDSP digital effects, 32 kinds of effects, the effect is good, can be comparable with professional effects

7 effect mode with LCD screen, intuitive display, easy to operate

8. Two main outputs, with balanced and non-balanced outputs, two pushers independent control, 60mm inlet pushers

9. Real two group output, two pushers independent control, with group switch, group signal can be superposition to the main output

10. Stereo monitoring output, can be earphone monitoring, can also be connected to the external speaker monitoring

11. Two sets of stereo auxiliary return, convenient for external equipment

12. Output 7-stage equalizer, +/-12dB, with through and equalizer switch, easy to choose

13. External high-power supply improves SNR

14. Standard double 12 section light column level meter, accurate indication level size, with toggle selector switch, you can choose indicator main output, group output, push the first three signals

15. Unique appearance design,SMT surface patch process, reliable performance

16. With recording output and recording playback input

17.DSP0822 and DSP1222 can be equipped with optional support and mounted directly on the standard cabinet