1. UHF frequency band is adopted, with stable characteristics and low harmonic radiation.

2. SMT technology, stable characteristics.

3. The working bandwidth of the transmitter is up to 50MHz.

4. Preset 100 pairs of channels, 2000 frequency points adjustable (related to region).

5. The function of falling and crashing mute can be used to create an incomparable stable singing environment.

6. High strength metal anti falling pipe body with excellent anti falling ability.

7. Bright LCD screen, display mute, audio and RF intensity, etc.

8. IR automatic frequency matching function: wireless synchronization of transmitter is completed through infrared interface.

9. Unexpected power failure, receiver power on memory function.

10. Frequency response range of 40Hz-18KHz with flat response.


Receiving channel: dual channel

RF carrier range: 610-670mhz, depending on the region

RF tuning step: 25kHz, depending on the region

RF sensitivity: S / N > 80dB when input 6dB μ V

Working range: 60m at straight distance. Note: the actual range depends on RF signal absorption, reflection and interference

Mute control mode: voice code and noise locking

Comprehensive frequency response: 50 hz-18 kHz (± 3 dB)

Integrated t.h.d.: < 0.5% @ 1kHz

Panel display: LCD

Wireless handheld microphone

RF carrier range: 610-670mhz, depending on the region

Pickup gain: fixed gain

Transmitting power: 10MW

Current consumption: Standard < 130mA

Display mode: LCD

Pickup type: moving coil cardioid pointing head