Output power 300W + 300W (8 Ω)

400W+400W (8Ω)

Frequency response 20Hz-20KHz (± 3dB)

SNR ≥ 80dB (A-weighted)

Total harmonic distortion ≤ 0.5% (under normal working conditions)

Signal input sensitivity 220mv (± 30mV)

Microphone input sensitivity 9mv (± 2mV)

Auxiliary level output ≈ 1V

Use voltage ~ 220-240V, 50 / 60Hz, 1.2.0 channel, professional card, 4 output interfaces

2. MP3 board with USB, SD, Bluetooth, remote control, LCD display, feedback suppression.

3. Built in karaoke incentive effect function.

4. Professional 24blt digital reverberation circuit makes singing more natural.

5. Perfect short circuit protection, DC protection, overheat protection and other functions to protect the speaker.

6. The overall design is based on the commercial use requirements of karaoke private room, and its timbre and effect are adjusted in a hidden way to ensure reliable operation